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Google PageRank Update & Panda Algorithm

Tuesday 26th July 2011 | by harish | This post is in: News

Google had updated PageRank of websites in early July. However they had also been updating their search algorithm named as “Panda”

What is Google Panda?

its a name given to the search algorithm Google had rolled out this year in February. It helps google to fight content robbers and spammers. The people who might be affected by this update would be people who own multiple sites with duplicate content, or inactive websites.

This update is also being considered as rolling update by many industry experts such as Until now, the updated happened months apart, but if this rolling update thing is true, it would no doubt make search results better and stop new spam techniques faster.

Some of my websites have seen change in PR twice in last 3 weeks, so I also strongly feel the rolling update might be true but then again its hard to confirm about such things.

Updates 26th July 2001

I would like to make a correction that, this is not a rolling update. This is now confirmed by Google.

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